Sportsgirl Second Summer Winners Announced!

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winner grid

Our FOUR lucky STA Travel and Sportsgirl Second Summer holiday winners have been chosen!

They are heading to Hamilton Island, LA, Singapore or Hawaii! Thanks for sharing all of your summer memories with your besties, we loved reading through your entries!

A huge congratulations to our winners:

Arabella S.
“I would love to make up for all the missed adventures and lost summers after years of enduring a long distance friendship.”
Chloe N.
“I live in Byron and my sister lives in Melbourne. Every summer she visits, when she’s not here I miss her every day!”
Jessie P.
“Hair into dreads, new threads, into the heat, new friends we’ll meet. Fun in the sun, Sportsgirl here we come!”
Nicole W.
“Melbourne’s summer lasted one second. A second summer means second chances. The chance to swim in warm waters, hike through heat and celebrate the sun.”

If that’s you above, check your inbox ASAP to find out your holiday destination!