We’ve teamed up with designer extraordinaire Rachel Castle to create our cutest and snooziest sleepwear range yet! Take five and get to know the coolest girl in the castle right here…


1. Can you tell us all about your favourite Castle for Sportsgirl piece?
I have to say my favourite piece is the little black kimono, it’s day and night, perfect for both. Little naughty and a lot of nice!


2. We love your simple graphic style. What are some things, people and places that inspire you?
Pop culture for sure. I think because I spent the majority of my working life developing visuals for others, my own aesthetic had laid dormant since my teenage years. I grew up in a very small country town and I was always trying to get my hands on anything from the big smoke. In my day there was no internet, the only way to access the outside world was via music and tv. So Boy George, Countdown, Dolly magazine, all the fluoro, spots, pop songs, pom poms, all my teenage eighties influences just came rolling out in a very organic way when I finally started creating my own little things. Because at that point everything I made was for myself I was completely free to just choose what I liked, what I wanted, what resonated with me. I discovered pretty quickly that everything I made needed to have a bit of wink to it, if it wasn’t having fun then it went in the bin!
I love fashion, I love music, I love TV, I love books and magazines, I love blogs, I love photography. Everything and all inspires me, there’s so much imagery floating around today that it’s hard not to be inspired, it’s hard to sometimes go to sleep at night!


3. What do you sip on, snack on and listen to when you’re in your creative zone?
I’m not a big snacker, I usually realise at 5pm that I’m starving and eat an entire family box of cheezels. So unhealthy sadly!


4. Are you a pyjamas to the supermarket person?
I’m too old to look good in my PJ’s. The older you get the harder you have to try to look even half decent…. thats why I love the little black kimono, would definitely wear this to the supermarket!

5. Are you a morning or night person?
Definitely mornings for me. I often get to work by 7am, its quiet, no-one’s about, it’s my true authentic thinking time. By 9am the office is filled with questions and emails and people, so mornings for me are HEAVEN.


6. Do you have any nighttime, pre-sleep rituals or morning rituals?
By 8pm I’m struggling to stay awake! I have teenage children, so I usually just hang around them at night time, listening to their funny stories, watching their homework, making sure they don’t have their phones in their bedrooms! Morning rituals include looking for my phone, trying to find my keys, driving half way to work before I remember I forgot my computer. Always ALWAYS searching for all the things I’ve lost and forgotten!


7. What colours are you loving this summer? Any surprising combos?
Loving lavender and navy and tan and the slightest little ballet slipper pink. I follow a lot of the beautiful fashion design houses, SWOOOON, everything they do is delicious.


tee shorts

8. Tell us about your job – what do you love most?
The thing I love the most about my job is the pace…. no two days are ever the same, I can sew or I can screen print, or I can paint. Amongst all of that there is the never-ending administration of running an online business, so to say it can be chaotic is an understatement! I love seeing a bedlinen range come together, when the samples come back the way we envisaged them it’s a pretty exciting moment.


9. You’ve had a few pretty cool-looking jobs over the years – what advice would you give to budding young creatives when it comes to careers?
Listen and learn from the best you can. My mentors along the way were so inspiring, everything I know I learnt from them. Being an assistant to someone you admire teaches you more than you can ever learn on your own. And the core ingredient for any level of success is just plain old hard work, work as hard as you can.


10. We love the phrases and words of wisdom on your artworks and products – what words are you living by this summer?
Because I live with teenagers like, every second word is like ‘like’ so like is not a word I am like loving this summer. I love the word DANCING and I love the word LOVE. To dance is to love.


11. Instagram crush confession time! Who are you stalking right now?
Oh there are so MANY. I have to say my current crush though is Rachel Burke @imakestagram. She’s a genius, LOVE her.


12. You seem like a fellow emoji lover – which are your faves?
CRY. It says everything. Laughter is my constant tonic, my favourite people are the funny people for sure.


13. Talk to us about your dream bedroom. What’s in it?
Can I be honest? Books. My grey linen bedlinen and pink velvet pillowcases. A wheel of cheese, crackers and a glass of champagne. And my sausage dog. And my husband if he’s being nice.


14. Which pop culture personality (dead or alive) can you imagine in Castle for Sportsgirl?
Dead easy no brainer. Chloe Sevigny, my idol. x




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