Our Web Stylist Rebecca Vitartas has really experienced the winter feels in her latest trip to Iceland! Rugged up in all things Sportsgirl, we asked her all things fashion and travelling, including what you need to be wearing this cold season!


Why Iceland?
I often identify with feelings of wanderlust and Iceland has always been one of those mysterious places I’ve always wanted to visit.
What did you fall in love with while you were there?
The vast, ever changing landscapes. Iceland is a country with enormous natural beauty, full of cute Icelandic ponies, waterfalls, thermal pools to dip in, geysers, glacial lagoons, black sand beaches, volcanoes and dramatic mountain scenery.
Tell us about a moment that took your breath away.
So many moments! The glacial lagoon at Jokulsarlon was surreal; to be up close with huge pieces of ice that float out in a ghostly procession from the lagoon and onto the beach was breathtaking. They were like enormous diamonds sparkling against the black sand.


What inspires you when you’re styling?
It depends on what I am working on as I find I am inspired by all sorts of things! It might be noticing the way the light is falling in my apartment in the morning while I eat breakfast, or a great team that I’m working with that constantly make me think creatively. I try to get out of the city as much as possible and love going camping and those kinds of trips out exploring help me focus and allow new ideas to develop.
Where is next on your travel bucket list?
I would love to spend some time in Mongolia .. it’s definitely up there on my list!