Jasmine Dowling has painted all the way into our wardrobes with bold graphics and sweet statements in her exclusive sleepwear collection for sportsgirl.  A nod to weekend sleep-ins and the starriest nights, these cool sets and separates are made for the cosiest of mornings.­­­


Best thing about being your own boss? 
On a whole the best thing would be getting to create everyday, but there is also the small things like getting to stay in my pj’s all day and consume as much coffee as I like.
Best bit about creative collaborations? 
There are a couple of things. Firstly you’re able to create projects that you would only dream about for your personal brand. For me this collaboration gave me the opportunity to have a collection of sleepwear for lots of young girls to enjoy so you can’t get too much better than that. In creative collaborations you are also able to gain inspiration from different perspectives. I love that you get to take your brand then create something new for a slightly different customer or vibe.
Best song to wake up to?
A bit of Santigold’s self-titled album will get me in the right mood.
Best Jasmine Dowling x Sportsgirl piece to snooze in? 
The TIRED Tee, sums me up pretty well.


Best time of day for creative work? 
Morning or late at night.
Best activities for pyjama days? 
Documentaries & going through all your old magazines to make mood boards while listening to your favourite music.
Best advice you’ve ever been given?  
Chase the fear. It is good for you.


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If you want IN, The Jasmine Dowling for Sportsgirl collection is exclusively available online NOW!