Rachael Brook X Sportsgirl – Festival Make Up

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Make up obsessed? So’s our good ol’ friend Rachael Brook. Over the next three months she is going to be bringing you some hot make up tips + easy to follow tutorials for all your social life needs.



As we know you want to know all the hot tips at the mo’, we sat down and asked her all the beauty questions on your mind:
Which Sportsgirl lip chalk shade are you loving at the moment?
I’m completely obsessed with Sandstorm. I’ve made at least 5 of my friends go out and buy it and I’ve been wearing it to every event this week! It’s the perfect neutral tone and suits a wide variety of skin tones.
Any tips for getting the perfect pout?
When it comes to matte lipsticks, I find that wearing only one layer is best. Once you start applying too many layers things can get a little messy. Creamy formulas are easier to build up. If you make any mistakes just use an angled brush or a cotton tip with some concealer on it to sharpen up the edges.
What is your staple Nail It colour and why?
Matte Pastel Blue & Matte Blush HANDS DOWN. Ha, pun intended. Firstly, I love a matte nail. Secondly, both are universally flattering shades and work very well with my wardrobe which consists of a lot of neutrals, pastels and denim. Matte Blush is my everyday shade and Matte Pastel Blue is the shade I wear when I feel the need to mix things
Which Sportsgirl product do you always keep in your beauty bag?
There’s actually quite a few, but one that wouldn’t be so easy to guess is the Make Scents fragrance. I have multiple! I keep one in my professional make up kit, one in my personal beauty bag and one in my handbag too! Can never smell too fresh! Haha. I also love Pout About It lipstick in Duchess, it’s the easiest lip product to reach for!