Free spirit, world traveller + festival queen. Can we just have Zippy’s life already? Read on for this flower child’s festival and fashion faves.


What’s your main festival look?
I love the basic jeans + a black body suit type vibe! Or if I feel like it, hippy, flowy dresses are the best to dance in.


What’s the next music festival you’ll be attending?
I’m keen to go to All Tomorrow’s Parties in America. It’s supposed to be really cool!
What’s your fave music festival to date?
I went to a really fun one called BluesFest in Byron Bay! I loved it; it was so cool with a good vibe. Everyone was nice + there were no crazies! I’ve also always been a big fan of Big Day Out because that was my first festival when I was like 14/15. I’m also into small indie festivals because there’s no one in your face + you can discover some really great bands!
What’s the best band you’ve discovered at a festival?
The Babe Rainbow, they’re from Byron. I saw them in Paris! They reminded me of the beach and made me want to go back to Byron. They’re all about the psychedelic Australian sounds.


What’s your spirit animal?
It’s definitely a cat! I love lazing in the sun all day + then staying awake all night. I love being alone but chilling around people like them too.


What’s your fave piece from the Glamping Girl collection?
I love everything from the collection! I love all the denim with the patches on them too. The floral wrap skirt I’ve been wearing is also so cool for festivals!
What’s the number one fashion piece you can’t live without?
A good pair of black, high waisted skinny jeans that you can wear with anything + a good pair of casual sneakers!