Rachael Brook X Sportsgirl – Date Girl Make Up

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Make Up Artist, vlogger + beauty Queen Rachael Brook is back this month to show you all a new look! If you’re going out on the town with your bestie, your crush or even your boyfriend, here’s a new look for you to re-create with the Sportsgirl beauty range…



As we know you want to know all the hot tips at the mo’, we sat down and asked her all the beauty questions on your mind:
Tell us your secrets for glowing skin from head to toe!
It’s no secret that I’m a fan of highlighting. I love using liquid illuminators like Sportsgirl GLOW all over my cheeks, under my brow, on the tip of my nose and Cupid’s bow. Sometimes if my skin is feeling a little dull, I’ll add a couple of drops of liquid illuminator to my foundation too. For my body, whenever I feel the need for a bit of colour in my skin, or an extra golden glow I’ll use Body Glow.
Contouring is totally tricky, right? What are your tips for any clueless girls out there?
The easiest way for me to put it is: pull a fishy face. From there you can see the hollows under your cheekbones quite easily – THAT’S THE SPOT to apply your contour for chiseled looking cheeks. You can also contour slightly in your temple, around the perimeter of your forehead and your jawline for an overall defined look. For a slimmer looking nose, take your contouring product and draw straight lines down either side of the bridge of your nose and blend well.
If it’s your first time contouring, you can use your bronzer to practise with so that you can get used to the application and blending process. If all else fails – check the illustrations on the back of your Sportsgirl contouring product- they’ve made it easy for every face shape!
Our Bronze Me Bronzer has a huge cult followings – what’s your best tip to applying this show-stopper?
I’m one of those followers! My best tip is to use a large fluffy face brush to apply it to all the areas where you would naturally get a bit of colour. Applying it in the shape of a 3 is also a really easy guide to stick to. Start off at your forehead, work your way down in a light sweeping motion to your cheeks and again down to your jawline.