Watched Australia’s Next Top Model and loved Brooke Hogan? Live streamed The Victoria Secret Fashion Show and crushed on Megan Puleri? These babes are the faces of our SG Limited campaign and we sat down to talk all things fun… Join in!


What beauty look do you love for going out?
I get my makeup done a lot for work, so I’m always trying to pick up tips and tricks from the makeup and hair artists! I try and copy it on myself, doesn’t really quite work. I like eyes, I’m not really a lip girl. I always have a nude lip and maybe a smokey eye.
Your fave places to go out in Melbourne?
I’m not much of a clubby kind of girl anymore, but my favourite restaurant would be Supernormal. I went there last weekend, it was amazing, the food was incredible. But if I do go out, my boyfriend lives in Sorrento, and we go to the Sorrento Hotel and have a girls weekend – have a few drinks, have some nice food, have a little dance. It’s so nice.

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If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be?
The first person that came to my head was Kylie Jenner – I just love her. I follow her on Snapchat & Instagram, I just think she’d be so interesting. I think she’s really smart. Obviously she’s got a very successful family and whatever else, but she’s a businesswoman, and she knows her stuff.


What’s your favourite piece from the Sportsgirl Limited collection?
My favourite piece is that super simple black slip, just because you can dress it up, you can dress it down, you can add chokers or a neck scarf or a denim jacket, with heels or even with sneakers. I like clothes like that, that you can do pretty much anything with.


What are your go-to accessories for events?
I have a lot of different neck things, I’ve got some different thickness of chokers, different types of chokers!
How would you describe your style?
It depends on my mood – sometimes I can be super grungy and all black, most of the time that’s my go-to. And then I like to be a bit skater sometimes, just beachy, flannels and stuff. Sometimes I get a bit 70s, sometimes I get a bit girly with a skirt, dress it up or dress it down. blog_brooke_megan_october20165