Wanna be a DJ? Join the club. We chatted to The Faders DJs about all things tunes, travel and style, as well as the best bits of making your dream job happen. Read on for a serious dose of #lifeinspo!


How did you get into DJing?
It’s a crazy story! We’ve always loved same music – 90’s hip hop and RNB. We met working together in Marketing and PR at MTV. A friend asked us to DJ at an industry party for fun … We’d never actually DJ’d before but just worked it out on the spot with help of another DJ. Our good friend Sean Ray aka Snob Scrilla was at the party, he was loving the tunes we were playing and asked us to DJ at his album launch. It all took off from there really. We stayed back at work, and with the help of Sean, taught ourselves to DJ on the decks in the office. Our first residency was at a friend’s night at Kit and Kaboodle then we started playing weekly at the club in Kings Cross too. Eventually a manager contacted us because she’d heard about us through the grapevine, we then got an agent, label deal and the rest is history. Very surreal to think about how it all came about nearly 10 years ago.
What do you love most about your job?
Definitely the fact that we get to do it together and the travel. We’ve travelled to some amazing cities and played some awesome venues and parties. To be able to travel the world with your best friend, doing what you love and having fun is all time!


What are your favourite things to wear when you’re doing a show?
Sneakers and a statement tee! You’ll rarely see us wearing heels unless we’re playing at the races or a formal event. Comfort is everything when we’re DJing as we love to jump around and have fun on stage. You only see us from the waist up so wearing a fun statement tee is what we love with some bold jewellery. We have a bunch of custom Faders gold jewellery, necklaces, bracelets and rings that we’ve had made over the years which we are always rocking.
You must be on-the go a lot – what do you wear to get you from meetings to gigs and back again?
We love to wear what we call a ‘leisure suit’. Ha! A baggy jumper and some drop crotch pants, paired with some clean white sneakers.
What are your go-to accessories for mixing up your look?
Definitely our Faders custom jewellery. We don’t mind a bandanna or cap. Sometimes a velvet choker
Any beauty tricks and tips you swear by?
WATER! Drink lots of water! Also, make sure you take your make-up off before you go to bed. We also love using serums under our moisturiser.
What Sportsgirl pieces will be wearing all summer long?
We’re loving our Linen Boyfriend Tank’s and summer dresses like the Floral Off The Shoulder Dress and Denim Pinafore.


How do you live the Sportsgirl Way of Life?
We’re always busy balancing our DJ career with our day jobs which will still have, working in Marketing and PR for MTV and Oakley; but we still love to go out with our friends, have long lunches and shopping! Our favourite thing to do is lay on a tropical beach and go swimming. We just got back from holidays in Mykonos and Mauritius which were AMAZING!


What’s your karaoke song?
Hmmm… This is such a hard one. We don’t really go to karaoke that often but if we did we would have have to chose an old school RNB slow jam like ‘End Of The Road’ by Boyz II Men.
What does your summer soundtrack look like?
FUN!!! Lots of Drake, Kanye, Rihanna, Beyonce and anything produced by DJ Mustard. Our favourite artist right now is BRYSON TILLER. Check him out!