Big time babe + fashion blogger Jacquie Alexander got talking about all things fashion and the blogging life. If you want to know what’s trending in Feb, get scrolling…


What’s your go-to outfit? Anything you always outfit repeat?
I’m a sucker for boyfriend jeans, a comfy tee and some sneakers. It’s literally my go-to outfit I love throwing on a big leopard coat for night time which dresses it up a little.
What’s your fave Sportsgirl accessory?
I love all the Sportsgirl jewellery. From the simple gold chains to the velvet chokers, theres something there for literally every occasion.

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What’s an average day like for Jacquie?
I usually wake up, make myself a banana smoothie then either walk my dog or go to pilates (I am obsessed). After this I’ll get ready for the day, depending if I have the day off or not I’ll either head to work or get stuck into my emails. I love making to-do lists I find it really keeps me on track for the day. If I have the day off I’ll put some time aside to plan outfits to shoot/wear and take some flat lay style photos or product photos at home. Hopefully then catch up with a friend, go to lunch or dinner then head home and catch up on Youtube videos (also obsessed).

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