How To Contour + Highlight With Sammy Robinson

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Say hello to your new make up regime, thanks to big time beauty vlogger, Sammy Robinson. With the launch of our foundation, Face Base, she’s got all the tips to get your make up perfection from start to finish. Contouring and highlighting never looked so easy!



As we know you want to know all the hot tips at the mo’, we sat down and asked Sammy all the beauty questions on your mind:
Which Sportsgirl product do you always keep in your beauty bag?
The Contour Stick
Any extra tips for getting the perfect base right?
Make sure you cleanse and prep your skin well before applying foundation. So cleanse exfoliate any dead skin away and then let your moisturise sink in before using a primer
What is your signature beauty style? Why does that scream Sammy?
Bronze Glowing makeup, anything that will make me look like I’ve spent a day at the beach with a sun kissed glow! I like it to be as natural and lightweight as possible accentuating my natural features
Tell us your secrets for glowing skin from head to toe. Do you drink bottles of water or eat certain foods?
I definitely think drinking lots of water helps, it makes your makeup glide on the skin a lot easier and look healthier in general
Day / week in the life of Sammy? What’s some hobbies you do that people don’t know about?
I loveee pilates, i try go at least 4 times a week. But my favourite thing to do would be to go for dinner and cocktails with my friends
How did you get into the vlogging world? Tell us your highlight so far.
I really loved showing my life on Instagram and being able to share it with other people and i loved beauty so i decided to make a youtube video and i absolutely adored it! My highlight would be my trip with Mecca Maxima to LA