Be tall, loud, sleepy, vexed, bold, happy, shy, global, p.m.s., political, driven, hangry. australian. sports. girl. Whoever you are today – #BETHATGIRL.

Sportsgirl celebrates people from all walks of life. #BETHATGIRL is about feeling confident, capable and strong in your identity.

#BETHATGIRL demonstrates there’s no such thing as ‘PERFECTION’, it’s about being who you are – whoever that might be.

From activists and trans models to Paralympians and bloggers, we’re putting their inspirational stories front row, because these stories deserve to be heard. Be inspired, be you, #BETHATGIRL

For the #BETHATGIRL campaign, each person was asked to choose a word that encapsulates them.

Raw, real & free of re-touching, we’re here to celebrate their stories.

Click the images below to get to know the girls behind the campaign.

All of our #BETHATGIRL stars appear exactly as they are, unretouched & unapologeticly themselves.



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