Go behind the scenes of our #BETHATGIRL campaign with blogger and model Caitlyn Ryan.

“There are many things I have overcome and there are still things I am going through. In modelling something I used to struggle with a lot is comparison, especially at castings. We are all stuck in this trap of comparing ourselves to one another, instead of appreciating who we are as unique, beautiful and different in our own way.

For me I tried starting my day off by reminding myself of my strengths, the things about me that stand out and what I had that I was thankful for. I was discovering who I was. Once I started to make this a habit, I realised I wasn’t comparing myself as much as I used to and started to walk confidently knowing who I was.”

As a model slash blogger, writing is a big hobby of Caitlyn’s. “It allows me to release all my thoughts – positive, negative, the things I may not yet have the courage to tell another person but writing it down helps. It helps me to let go of things that are holding me back from reaching my fullest potential.”

For the #BETHATGIRL campaign, each person was asked to choose a word that encapsulates them. Caitlyn’s words were “shy” & “loud”.

Raw, real & free of re-touching, we’re here to celebrate Caitlyn’s story.