Go behind the #BETHATGIRL shoot with model Manahou Mackay.

As the first transgender model to walk at New Zealand Fashion Week, the talented 19 year old Manahou is making her mark in the
fashion industry (and in history).

“The first time I ever wore a dress I was eight years old. I went out with a friend to an event and my aunty was there, she called my parents saying ‘Your son is here in a dress!’. They were weird about it for a while but they got over it”.

“Most people have never had experience with transgender people so they don’t know how to react. But once you talk them through it and open up to them about it they become really cool. How do you
expect people to grow to accept you if you’re not open about who you are?”

Her advice for young women around Australia? “Be yourself and know that that is good enough”.

For the #BETHATGIRL campaign, each person was asked to choose a word that encapsulates them. Manahou’s word was “global”.

Raw, real & free of re-touching, we’re here to celebrate Manahou’s story.