Get to know scientist Rae Rodriguez from our #BETHATGIRL campaign.

Rae Rodriguez is smashing goals in her studies as a marine science student; “I used to really struggle with balancing my full-time university degree and my modelling career.  I had to learn what to prioritise when facing tempting job offers and important deadlines at school. Now that I’m in my last semester of my degree, I can see that it was worth it!”

You wouldn’t be the woman you are today without…..

“A) My family and the strong women around me – they’re my support system B) My education – knowledge is power and C) My passion and drive to make a positive change in the world”

For the #BETHATGIRL campaign, each person was asked to choose a word that encapsulates them. Rae’s words were “studious” & “happy”.

Raw, real & free of re-touching, we’re here to celebrate Rae’s story.