Girls, what a year! The good, the bad – we’re here to celebrate with the Sisterhood.

Bring on 2019. Let’s keep pushing.




Olivia Molly Rogers is a Speech Pathologist, Artist, Mental Health Advocate & Former Miss Universe Australia.

What does  #BETHATGIRL mean to Olivia?

“To me, BE THAT GIRL means knowing who you are, being unique and loving yourself for that uniqueness. I think it embraces the fact that all of us are so different but we are all just as equal, important and capable as one another. “

Madison Griffiths is a Melbourne based writer and artist, whose work revolves mainly around women, feminism, and social justice.  She is also an online editor at literary youth journal Voiceworks and the co-host of’s newest mental health podcast, No Chill.

What does  #BETHATGIRL mean to Madison?

“BE THAT GIRL means choice. It means being able to live honestly, about being yourself without fear or stigma. It means collaboration, and solidarity, and action. It means being your own hero, your own mentor, and trusting that you will make a difference because of it”

Escaping the civil war in South Sudan, Flavia Lazarus is ready to leave behind racism and gender inequality in 2019.

What does  #BETHATGIRL mean to Flavia?

“To love me even on my bad days. Know I can become and do anything I please based on my own merits because I am amazing and I am enough. Have a complete freedom of self expression without any of society’s filter and an unspoken love and understanding for women.”

Kadiesha Gary works in marketing, and finds passion in being kind to everyone. She has also recently become very passionate about sustainability and the environment, and truly thinks we can all do our part no matter how small it may seem.

What does #BETHATGIRL mean to Kadiesha?

“BE THAT GIRL means to me women supporting women, always treating each other with respect and kindness no matter how different we may all be, it all goes a very long way. ”

Lydia Kirwood is an aspiring special effects designer, who says 2018 has been both unpredictable yet exciting.

What does #BETHATGIRL mean to Lydia?

“Women banding together like we’ve done forever and just getting things done.”