Author, DJ, MTV and podcast host, beauty guru, comedian extraordinaire – there’s not much that Flex Mami doesn’t do.

Why we love her? The reasons are too long to list, but we most admire how Flex keeps it real no matter what content we’re lucky enough to be graced with on whatever platform it is of the day.

What is your favourite ordinary moment?

My evening routine featuring one of the best purchases I made this year, my blue sectional sofa. I light a candle, think, reflect, scroll casually through Instagram and reflect some more. It’s vital to maintaining my sanity.

How do you switch off and unwind?

A lot of Netflix – I really enjoy being a couch potato when my schedule permits.

What are your thoughts on Perfection as a social construct? 

With every year I realise that everyone online and around me who appears to have their life together is low key spiralling. Take solace in the fact that everyone is trying to figure out life. No one has all the answers. Give yourself to be ordinary and make mistakes. Perfection is a myth.

What does BE THAT GIRL mean to you ?

To be unapologetically myself. Being self-aware enough to acknowledge both my flaws and redeeming qualities, and see value in both. To see that I’m beautifully created but also a work in progress and that’s okay.

Enjoy the journey and celebrate the Extraordinary.  Watch the full film here.