Founder of ‘People of Colour Collective Magazine’, Mercy takes inspiration from her experiences in the creative industry to create an online publication to celebrate the work of non-white creatives in fashion, film, art & photography.

We sat down with her to discuss her ultimate ordinary & how she unwinds.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a the founder of an independent magazine called Poccmag which stands for People of Color Collective Magazine.

What is your favorite ordinary moment?

My favorite ordinary moment is living in the present. I think we try to make every moment extraordinary especially in the wake of social media, that we forget to live in the present and appreciate all the ordinary moments that we are lucky to experience daily.

How do you switch off and unwind?

I love spending time alone, perhaps too much. Anything that involves nature or the country is a plus but I also love taking myself out on a date at the movies or a nice dinner.

What does BE THAT GIRL mean to you?

To BE  THAT GIRL means to be yourself.

Enjoy the journey and celebrate the Extraordinary.  Watch the full film here.