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Meet Olive Cooke, the Byron Bay based blogger with a dreamy Instagram aesthetic that has us wishing we were traveling the European coast.

We chatted with Olive about her trip to Vietnam to get the info on the best Instagram spots, some travel tips and what her experiences were like traveling to Vietnam.

What’s in your suitcase for a trip to Vietnam?

My camera, walking shoes, a hat & lightweight pieces that can be layered in the evenings. A destination like Vietnam always requires light packing.

Must-try Vietnamese dish?

Vietnamese food really is one of my world favorites, I always order rice paper rolls but am a complete chicken Pho fan, it is on every menu in town & best served with prawn crackers to start. YUM.

What podcasts are you listening to on the beach?

I love podcasts! They are with me always, listening to something along the lines of “This American life” “Stuff you should know” “How I Built this”.

Any hidden spots we should add to our bucket list? 

The Old Quarter in Hanoi is really special, there are so many sweet little shops of silk fabrics, delicate china & really cool cafes. It is so easy to get lost wandering the streets & come across an amazing cafe or stall you wouldn’t usually find, but make sure you drop a pin on your maps because you might not be able to find it again!

Where should we go if we want to get a cute ‘gram?

There are so many great gram opportunities in the city, I always love shooting fruit stalls which you can find on every corner, they are so colourful & fun or for a more architectural image you could have lunch in the stunning Hotel Sofitel Metropole, their greenhouse lunch dunning room & gardens are really gram worthy.

What surprised you most about Vietnam?

I was so surprised at how many scooters are on the road at one time, it’s absolutely madness! It feels like a continuous humming city of noise & bustle. It was also one of those trips where every single meal was so delicious, It sounds ridiculous but I was surprised at just how much better Vietnamese food is in Vietnam!

Best market to check out for a souvenir? (or two, or twenty)

There are SO many colourful market streets filled with incredible stalls throughout the Old Quarter in Hanoi. I personally loved ‘Hang Gai Street’ which is the ‘Silk Street’ dedicated to all things fashion with luxury silks & traditional Vietnamese wears.  I also love the atmosphere of the Weekend Night Market, endless food stalls & the hustle of bargaining for souvenirs make the street come alive.

What pieces would you bring from the current Sportsgirl collection for your trip?

Retro Jeans are always a travel essential with a 90s crop during the day & the snake shirt at night to dress it up.
I would also bring the White Linen blazer to throw on over the mini linen tea dress

One thing everyone should know about Vietnam… GO

The dish “Pho” is actually pronounced “Fuh”!!

How would you describe your experiences with the locals?

I found the local Vietnamese people were incredibly kind & gentle, this is such a contradiction to their seemly busy everyday lives which is so special.

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