together we raised $200,000 for the RSPCA and Butterfly Foundation, bringing our total raised to $140,000 & $3.4 million respectively

launched our beauty give back charity for female cancer sufferers with charity Look Good, Feel Better – you can find beauty donation stands in selected Sportsgirl stores across the country

produced 3,000 pairs of swimmers made from recycled ocean plastics with Repreve fabric – to date, Repreve has recycled over 18 million plastic bottles

we granted wishes for seriously ill children with the Starlight Foundation

started conversations with over 150,000 young people about body image through Love Your Body Week, furthering our partnership with the Butterfly Foundation and supporting the important work they do

and as ever, promoted conversations and spoke our minds – giving 26 Australian women a platform to share their stories through our BE THAT GIRL movement



what’s going to be your mantra for the new year? 

Life is teaching us lessons everyday, it’s what we do with them that counts.

what does “sisterhood” mean to you? 

Sisterhood to me is having women in your life that you can count on and also care for. These women might be friends or family or even sometimes women you may know online or through social media. It’s so important to have women who support one another, to give advice, to lift you up and encourage you in your day to day & bigger future goals.

what do you hope for the sisterhood in 2020?

For 2020 I want to see more women supporting each other on social media and in the work place. Along with that to see women being whole heartedly themselves!

what does “sisterhood” mean to you? 

Sisterhood to me means supporting your girlfriends through thick and thin. Be there when they need you and also be beside them when they succeed.

what do you hope for the sisterhood in 2020?

I hope that more and more girls learn to love each other as they are but more importantly themselves. Every girl has their own version of beauty but not ever girls knows it. For 2020, I want girls to believe in themselves.

what gives you hope?

Random acts of kindness give me hope. I was running for the bus the other day as I was about to miss it and a stranger asked the bus driver to wait for me as she saw me running. That random act of kindness from someone who doesn’t even know me gave me hope.

what does sisterhood mean to you?

Sisterhood to me is more than just your values with someone its deeper than that, you have an amazing bond together and you can trust each other with anything.

what are your new year resolutions?

To do the best I can with everything in 2020.

what do you hope for the sisterhood in 2020?

I hope that my sisterhood grows stronger than it already is.


what does sisterhood mean to you?

Comfort, support & empowerment, feminism & compassion.

what do you hope for the sisterhood in 2020?

For it to grow and be consistent near & far.

what gives you hope?

The political engagement of young people, and their ability to provoke action and change in our society!