“Just start by doing something small. If everyone did something small you could actually make a difference.”

Not your average influencer with over one million followers, Inka Williams is doing things a bit differently (and we love her for that). Inka not only reminds us why we want to perpetually be on a beach somewhere in Bali, but also uses her platform to communicate the importance of sustainability and respecting our earth.

Whether she’s raising awareness on climate change or participating in an organisation that cares for endangered animals, Inka’s self-proclaimed title of “Earth Lover” starts to make a lot of sense.

When we asked Inka what she wanted to be in 2020, her answer was BE GRATEFUL. 

What does BE THAT GIRL mean to you?

It means embracing the little things that make you, you!

What keeps you motivated:

Helping people in need, helping voiceless animals and actually making a difference in less fortunate people’s lives.

Remind yourself to:

Embrace every moment in life – the hard times make us grow.

Meet the class of 2020 and join us as we ask them, “what do you want to be in 2020?”

Watch the full film here and be heard. #BETHATGIRL