“From a young age, I struggled to come to terms with how first Australians were perceived and the stereotypes that existed. The biggest problem with racism in Australia is we don’t understand people’s differences.”

“There are so many issues in the world and the first step is starting a conversation, even when it’s challenging, because without awareness, we remain ignorant”, says Mikele Syron. Indigenous in heritage, Mikele is a journalist who is particularly interested in affairs relating to her community, particularly surrounding mental health and suicide.

When we asked Mikele what she wanted to be in 2020, her answer was BE EMPOWERED.

What does BE THAT GIRL mean to you?

Be that girl means celebrating the uniqueness and beauty of everybody’s differences and acknowledging how powerful every individual’s story is.

What keeps you motivated?

My desire to make sure that we as a society, learn from our mistakes & do not allow negative to repeat itself. I would like to dedicate my life to ensure that the experiences by my grandparents endured have purpose.

What helps you grow?

Knowledge! I believe that education is power. We can’t make the world a better place if we don’t understand the complexities and education about the ‘what?’ and ‘why?’

The Youth of Australia needs to?

Advocate for whatever they believe in. There are so many issues in the world and the first step is starting a conversation even when it’s challenging because, without awareness, we remain ignorant.

Meet the class of 2020 and join us as we ask them, “what do you want to be in 2020?”

Watch the full film here and be heard. #BETHATGIRL