“When women have financial literacy behind them, the whole world becomes a better place.”

“Chase what you love and the money will follow”, says financial adviser Victoria Devine. When it comes to being heard, Victoria does precisely that – with a popular podcast ‘She’s on the Money’ the one stop destination for millennial women who want financial freedom (without skimping on brunch.)

Her objective with the podcast and community of active listeners is to empower women through their finances and ensure they attain financial independence from a young age.

When we asked Victoria what she wanted to be in 2020, her answer was BE KIND. 

What does BE THAT GIRL mean to you?

It means being yourself completely, and knowing that’s enough.

What keeps you motivated?

Knowing that I am changing people’s relationships with money for the better. Seeing the impact that financial literacy has on individuals and the community at large drives me. When women have financial, the whole world becomes a better place

What helps you grow?

Taking risks and embracing change as it happens. Knowing that everything is either a blessing or a lesson.

Remind yourself:

That you are capable of anything you put your mind to!

Meet the class of 2020 and join us as we ask them, “what do you want to be in 2020?”

Watch the full film here and be heard. #BETHATGIRL