Grace Moore is a film maker passionate about documenting rallies, protests and campaigns that help protect our Australian environment. She was involved in the Fight For The Bight movement that successfully stopped oil company Equinor drilling in the great Australian Bight.

We sat down with Grace to talk all things activism, her idea of a better tomorrow and Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

Tell us about something you’re passionate about?

One thing that I always say is that if you’re going to be political on social media, it’s important to be political in real life. For me that means putting your two feet on the ground, attending rallies, gathering your friends, taking photos, writing signs and voting. Making sure I vote for what I care about and stay informed.

What’s something you’re proud to be apart of?

To be a part of a movement like Fight For The Bight or Stop Adani – these huge environmental issues – feels like you’re doing something and makes you feel less alone because a lot of people, particularly young people, are worried about this stuff. So I think if you join together and attend these rallies and use your voice, it makes you feel like you are a part of something.

I think taking photos at these events helps spread the message that our oceans aren’t for profit. We care about our coasts and the people and the wildlife. We care about the state of our oceans and the longevity and health of the entire Australian Southern Coast. It can be super daunting when we think about the future and how much there is to do, so I think if you put your two feet on the ground and use your voice politically it is so powerful, as well as sharing your opinion on social media.

How have you been keeping motivated during this time?

I stay motivated by journaling regularly and remembering what my vision is for the future. I’ve watched a lot of RuPaul’s drag race too…those queens are fierce. ​

What does a better tomorrow look like for you?

A better tomorrow for me means not forgetting about climate action and renewable energy investment for future generations. 

If you would like to find out more about Grace and their work, you can follow them on Instagram here.