2020 has taught us how important it is to celebrate the small things.

We’re celebrating small things like irl lols with our bffs, long summer days, time outdoors & that new season feeling. 

We caught up with irl friends @shimmamarie + @susanna.emi & @gabriellegecso + @onlyrosu to chat the small things they’re celebrating in the year that was 2020.

What small things are you celebrating this summer?

Shimma: I’m celebrating freedom, friendship, being able to see friends, which is a blessing right now, and just the sunshine, summer in Australia.

Susanna: I’m celebrating summer in Australia, that’s a big deal for me. It’s my second summer in Australia and I’m super excited about that.

Tell us about your friendship.

Susanna: Shimma and I are like sisters. She completes me and we complete each other’s sentences. I can trust her with everything.

Shimma: My friendship with Susanna is really rare, we are practically sisters. We spend all of our time together and we never get sick of each other and we just do the weirdest, funniest stuff together. 

What has 2020 taught you about the importance of friendship?

Susanna: Never take it for granted. Be happy when you can hang with your friends. Enjoy your time together when you have it.

Shimma: 2020 has taught me a lot when it comes to friendship because I was living in a different state to all of my friends and it made me value our time together a lot more. We had to switch over to FaceTime and all of that just to stay connected

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2020 has been tough, what are the small things you aren’t taking for granted anymore?

Gabrielle: I’m not taking for granted that in 2020 I have so much spare time to do all these activities that I used not be able to.

Rose: Being able to see my family or my friends everyday. Being able to be there with them and just being able to reflect on everyday things. Having time to reflect on everything in your life.

Tell us about your friendship.

Gabrielle: My friendship with Rose started when we moved into the same apartment block in Sydney. Rose is very confident, very herself and it’s refreshing.

Rose: Gab and I are both from Byron Bay, so we met there, however we lived in the same building this year and that’s when we became really close.

What has 2020 taught you about the importance of friendship?

Gabrielle: How amazing my friendships are and how much I need them for my happiness.

 What made you smile in 2020?

Rose: My friends and family reaching out to me during lockdown. Walking by myself and spending time with my animals. 

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