we’re unboxing new season and doing it our way – with a little help from our friends.

They’re 4 girls with 4 unique styles.

meet the freestylers. 

Elodie Tour is a volunteer who headed up bingo nights at a nursing home (and more!), can’t live without a flare jean, and who’s style muse is Elton John.  

finish the phrase: i’m a free thinker because…

because i believe that everyone is unique and can contribute to making this world a better place.

who is your style muse?  

Elton John! i absolutely love his style. all things about it – the colours, shapes, textures, it’s all wonderful. i also love Prince’s style. they’re both so iconic.

tell us about your volunteer work at a nursing home…

i worked in the recreational department and would help lead exercise classes, cooking classes, bingo nights and other events that were being held. I would also spend the day just sitting and talking to residents about their very interesting lives.

what is your fave denim fit?

my favourite denim fit would have to be flares. i love the shape they make, they’re so groovy!

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Camelia Farhoodi is a content creator based in melbourne who challenges society’s “norm”, and loves an oversized blazer. 

describe your personal style…

one word i use to describe my personal style would be spontaneous. it’s a combination of masculine and feminine. one day i could wake up and want to wear a floral maxi dress and heels, other days i’ll want to wear a full black suit and boots.

finish the phrase: i’m a free thinker because…

i am willing to step out of society’s norms, that tell us how to look and act.

where do you get your style inspiration?

a big inspiration for me recently is street style, i love finding new ways to style myself from random people on the street!

how do you stay authentic to your own style and think outside the box?

i think for me the most important part is being comfortable and feeling confident in what i wear! for example, suit pants and jeans always make me feel and look good, so I try to incorporate them into my everyday wear as much as possible. incorporating new patterns and colours is always a fun why to experiment for me!

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Abuk Lual is a poet who challenges the status quo, loves a good pair of jeans, and who’s poetic work explores their feelings and thoughts. 

tell us about your poetry…

my poetry is an exploration into my feelings and thoughts. the poems are inspired by experiences, themes and ideas that have impacted or influence me.

writing allows me to put language to my experiences and gives me the tools to navigate them.

what’s one item of clothing you can’t live without? 

the item of clothing i can’t live without would be jeans. they are something i feel will never go out of style and offer so much versatility.

finish the phrase: i’m a free thinker because…

i challenge the status quo in all aspects of my life, but i also give myself the freedom to follow it if it resonates.

who is your style muse? 

Rihanna. she can explore her expression through fashion with confidence, all whilst making it look good!

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Jeet Pavlovic is a graphic designer who can’t live without a pair of good socks, loves colour, and who’s work focuses on “making visual feelings”.

who is your style muse?

colour! no one really comes to mind when i think of my style muse, but colour for me is iconic and inspires all my outfits. i love to colour block.

what do you love about graphic design?

making visual feelings! i love to draw and make mood boards, and i also love typography. turning my drawings into simplified digital images is so satisfying.

describe your personal style…

i’m a comfy girl. i love baggy clothes and bright colours. maybe ‘laid back’ is a good word for it, but also at the same time it’s not subtle.

finish the phrase: i’m a free thinker because…

i adapt!

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